Let’s see the menu

Our menu is free from most major allergens.


Choose your wrap

Nori sheet

(source of iodine, iron, calcium, vitamin C)

Soy paper

(source of protein, fibre, sodium)


Choose your rice mix

White rice

(source of iodine, iron, calcium, vitamins A, C and K)

Pink rice

(source of copper, magnesium, calcium)


Choose your protein


There is plenty of vegan fish in the sea; braised tofu, hempseed
and sea kelp (source of zinc, omega 3, 6, 9, vitamin D, E)

‘Hoisin Jack’

“Duck’s brother from an exotic vegan mother”; jackfruit, hempseeds, hoisin sauce
(source of vitamins A, C, B12, potassium, riboflavin, fibre and magnesium)

Five seed crusted tofu

There us nothing seedy about this “wink wink” ; pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, golden linseed                                                              (source of omega 3, 6, vitamin E, iron, calcium and vitamin B1)


Choose your fillings

Julinned Beets

(source of vitamin C, dietary fibre and protein)

Shichimi Cucumber

(source of vitamin K, C and dietary fibre)

Shiitake Mushroooms

(source of vitamin D, fibre and magnesium)

Tumeric Daikon Radish

(source of vitamin C, magnesium and antioxidants)

Wasabi Kale

(source of iron, vitamin A, B6 and folate)


(source of vitamin A, C, B6 and dietary fibre)

Crispy Shallots

(source of potassium, folate and fibre)


Choose your sauce


(source of vitamin C, A)


(source of vitamin C, E, sodium)

Tonkatsu BBQ

(source of copper and sodium)



Tofu pockets

with mushroom, rice, spring onion and sesame dressing
(source of protein, dietary fibre, sodium, vitamin A, B, C)

Edamame hummus

with rice crackers and crispy kale
(source of protein, vitamin A, C, E and K)

Bite sized temaki

‘tuna’, rice, red onion, yuzu veganaise


Bite sized temaki

‘duck’, rice, spring onion, cucumber, hoisin


Bite sized temaki

burmese tofu, carrots, pickled ginger, crispy shallots, szechuan dressing


Sushi Arancini

rice, chickpea tofu, turmeric, red pepper, gochujang sauce



muki beans, avocado, sesame paste, coriander



rice, chestnut mushroom, spring onion, tamari dressing


CRISPY aubergine

five spice tapioca batter, mango salsa, szechuan sauce



courgette, red onion, button mushroom, satay sauce



soy wrapper, rice, avocado, crispy tempeh, sriracha



nori, rice, soy beans, avocado and cashew cream


Please note this is only a sample menu
Our platter menus are subject to change due to market and seasonal availability
Nutritional facts and allergen guide will be available upon request

For more information, please fill in our booking enquiry form. We aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

Festival menu

B-Limy ‘tuna’

‘There’s plenty of vegan fish in the sea’

Rice, braised tofu, aonori seaweed, avocado, lime and chives salsa, cucumber, yuzu veganaise.

Hoisin jack

‘Ducks brother from an exotic vegan mother’

Rice, pulled hoisin jackfruit, carrot, spring onion, cabbage, sesame teriyake sauce.

Chickpea fingers

‘Munch and crunch’

Rice, chickpea tofu, red pepper, pickled cucumber, crispy shallots, spicy yum yum sauce.

Maki burrito £7.50  Temaki £4.00  /  2 for £7.50

Pop Up menu

Small plates £6.50

Edamame hummus

Muki beans, avocado, sesame paste, coriander, crackers.

Fried palamari (GF)

Sea kelp seasoned hearts of palm, yuzu dipping sauce.

Crispy aubergine (GF)

Five spice tapioca batter, pineapple salsa, shoyu sauce

Maki burrito £6.50 / Temaki x3 £12.00

Hoisin jack

Rice, pulled hoisin jackfruit, shichimi cucumber, spring onion, daikon, teriyaki sauce.

Chickpea fingers (GF)

Rice, chickpea tofu, peppers, daikon, radish, yum yum sauce.

Sesame crusted tofu

Rice, tofu, avocado, shichimi cucumber, crispy shallots, chives and wasabi veganaise.

Poke bowl (GF) £12.00

Furikake rice or salad, fried palamari, kimchi, edamame, radish, carrots, sesame dressing.

Katsu curry £11.50

Breaded aubergine, rice, spicy curry sauce, coriander.

Sharing platter for 2 £30.00

Platter of assorted two small and two large plates.